Almost half a century of experience in the automotive sector of GOVONI The ToolMaker has given life to SPECTRUM, a multifunctional and unconventional diagnostic device that projects itself towards the future of car repairs, becoming an essential support for verifying the correct functioning of car components, SUVs, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, campers (12V).

Originally born from the need to test the correct functioning of components by the biggest spare parts manufacturers in the automotive sector, it soon became the ideal partner also for the car repairing mechanic and garage owner, of the specialized workshop (example: pump specialist, diesel specialist), of the junkyard (to check the functioning of spare parts that can still be used and put on sale), the automotive spare parts warehouse, etc.

A few examples? SPECTRUM can activate and then test all petrol injectors (direct; indirect injection), diesel and piezoelectric injectors, gas injectors (LPG, CNG), E.G.R. valves, throttle valves, glow plugs, fans, turbocharger actuators, phase variators, flow, pressure regulators, etc. The device can perform vehicle mass test, component inductive test, CAN network test (power supply, masses, CAN H, CAN L, Power latch, CAN network closing resistors, etc.); it can simulate a resistance, generate voltage (0-12 V) to any component to be tested, and still an infinite number of functionalities. Not stricltly on the engine, it can drive the gearbox management actuators, the mechatronic solenoid valves, the air conditioning system, the solenoid valves on the compressor, the electromagnetic clutch, the air diffusion flap actuators, drive and test the speed internal radiator fan, etc.

SPECTRUM technology allows you to test and activate each component and sensor of the vehicle, testing its correct functionality in a practical, effective and professional way; with SPECTRUM it is possible to check the operation of the components and activate actuators directly on the vehicle, powered by the vehicle’s battery, or even perform bench tests, with a common bench power supply. Spectrum goes further, and compared to conventional diagnostics it allows the test and activation of components and sensors with a single instrument, verifying the precise problem and any malfunction directly on the vehicle, and allowing useless waste of time in wrong components replacement attempts (in addition to saving time and money from making all tests with a single tool).

Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle with one hand thanks to the “one touch” control wheel, it becomes the ideal tool when you have to act directly on the vehicle, especially in tight spaces; its interface, designed for the car repairer’s needs, immediately recognizes the cable installed, preparing the user for the functions and tests possible with that particular accessory, and returning clear and easy-to-interpret results. SPECTRUM is an open system, therefore easily upgradeable and expandable over time and potentially in continuous evolution with the constant development of new cables, supports and external components that make its field of applications and the range of possible tests unlimited.

The SPECTRUM kit is supplied in a practical and professional case together with the basic cables, and then GOVONI offers a wide choice of constantly evolving accessories and cables, suitable for the needs of all specialists in each sector.



the future of diagnostics has begun!